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靈芝 雲芝 蟲草 知多少

- Reishi 靈芝

- Yun Zhi 雲芝

- Cordyceps 冬虫夏草

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Our Company's primary products are:

Reishi, Yun Zhi, and Cordyceps Sinensis.

Reishi - Ganoderma Lucidum  Yun Zhi - Coriolus Versicolor Cordyceps Sinensis
Vegetable Caterpillar
靈芝 雲芝 冬虫夏草

Organic Products of Canada - We practice organic growth methods and uses the strictest scientific control processes to bring out the highest natural potency possible.  We do not use any artificial chemicals, fertilizers or manure.  As part of the preparation process, our nutrient mediums are sterilized using a medical grade steam autoclave sterilizers. 

We guarantee that all our products are grown in Canada under the strictest agricultural requirements from the government of Canada -  Agriculture Agri-Foods Canada.

Our Products have been exported to: Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, United States, China, Japan, and Australia.  We had also shipped our products to most urban centres in Canada which includes: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montréal, and Ottawa.


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