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Our Commitment to the Environment

At Yu's farm, we believe in supporting local businesses and treating the environment with respect.  We use locally grown trees as raw materials and we return the tree material to the ground once we have completed our harvest.  Unlike other mushroom farms, we do not use manure or animal by-product of any kind.  Our scientific growing concept places us in a category well above other facilities.  We are an environmentally friendly company.  In the pictures below, you will see how our growing process is clean, efficient, and environmentally safe.

We do not use any chemical fertilizer or pesticide in any of our production practices. 

Our Primary Nutrient/Growth Medium, is sawdust. Our sawdust is packed into round bags call 'Lot'.  From this Lot, this is where are herbal medicinal mushrooms grows from.

Where it comes from, the sawdust we use is made from trees of the pacific northwest.  Our supplier directly brings us sawdust right from their local lumber mill.

How we process it, after a 'lot' is packaged, it goes through a steam sterilization process.  We do this to sterilized harmful bacteria and foreign content.

How we use it, we place the 'clean lots' on racks and wait for the mushroom to mature and grow.

What happens at the end, after the harvest, the 'Lot' is disassembled and spread out on the ground and used as soil covering.

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